Saturday, January 16, 2010


You guys, i know i ended the story quickly bes i promise i'll continue it some other time, for now, im starting a new story :D i kinda got bored of the other story to tell you the truth bes in the future hopefully ill continue it ;*
and thanks for those who left nice comments,
oo for those readers out there who dislike/hate my blog, tara 7ail 3adee, kil man has opinions oo everyone has the right to state their opinion, bes you guys, there's something called respect oo if you want to be respected then you have to respect others. ;p but hey, who am i to tell you what to do, i just simply ask everyone out their who hate my blog to not post rude comments even if they're trying "to make my story better" ;p
i love you all ;*
and thank you for all the support!!



  1. Can't wait!
    Criticism is good, it makes you stronger!

  2. can't wait to read more, please post as soon as possible